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For some strange reason, you have found your way to the Brand New Website of G0RSQ (the operator formerly know as G6WLS). v2

As you can see, it is (as they say) "Under Development".

I hope to put here some interesting facts (If I can find any) about myself and my radio station, and the enormous quantity of rare DX I work every day (Ha Ha).

Maybe some pictures will be nice too!

You can find contact details on QRZ.com or e-mail me peter@g0rsq.co.uk

QSL's are welcome (but we have to work each other on the radio first, I know silly rules!!) via Bearau, E-QSL, or Direct.

My address is

35 Orchid Way
St Helens

Locator is IO83PK


I have also started some new pages featuring some of the test equipment, and amateur radio equipment that I have accumulated over the years.

Please take a look, it all most go!


Catch you on the bands



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