Yeasu FRG-8800

HF Communications Reciever

  • 150 kHz to 29.999 MHz
  • Large LCD display with 100 Hz frequency display and unique bar graph signal meter.
  • Dual Conversion.
  • 21 button keypad for digital frequency entry and programming of the twelve channel internal memory.
  • Multi-function scanner
  • Scanning memory stores frequency and mode data.
  • AM, LSB, USB, CW and FM
  • Selectable AGC rates
  • Selectable Noise blanker width
  • Dual tuning rates
  • Two 24 hour clocks provide for the display of local or universal time (UTC) and serve as timers with remote activation.
  • Squelch, Tone and Attenuator
  • Fine tuning control
  • Rear panel coaxial or wire input.
  • C.A.T. for computer control

In very good fully working condition. No significant marks or damage.





Yeasu FRG-8800
Yeasu FRG-8800 Yeasu FRG-8800


Yeasu FRG-7700

HF Communications Reciever

  • 150 kHz to 29.999 in 30 Bands
  • Direct selectable Amatuer radio bands
  • LED display with 100 Hz frequency display
  • Anologue signal meter.
  • Dual Conversion.
  • Memory stores frequency and mode data.
  • AM, LSB, USB, CW and FM
  • Selectable AGC rate
  • Noise blanker
  • AF Filter
  • Three AM IF widths
  • 24 hour clock serve as timer with remote activation.
  • Squelch, Tone and Attenuator
  • Rear panel coaxial or wire input.
  • Sensitivity:
    • 0.15 – 0.3 MHz: 30 microV/500 Ohm AM; 3 microV/500 Ohm SSB/CW
    • 0.3 – 2 MHz: 25 microV/500 Ohm AM; 2 microV/500 Ohm SSB/CW
    • 2 – 30.0 MHz: 5 microV/50 Ohm AM; 0.5 microV/50 Ohm SSB/CW; 1 microV/50 Ohm FM
  • Selectivity:
    • 6 kHz - 6dB 15 kHz - 50dB AM medium; 2.7 kHz – 6dB 8 kHz – 50dB SSB/CW; 15 kHz – 6dB 30 kHz -40dB FM
  • Stability: less than 2 kHz from 0-30min after starting up; thereafter less than 1 kHz

Fully working and fitted with rare memory unit.

In very good cosmetic condition, with no significant marks





Yeasu FRG-7700


Yeasu FRG-7700 Yeasu FRG-7700

Global AT-1000 0.5 - 30 MHz Shortwave Antenna Tunner

Global AT-1000 SWL ATU
The AT-1000 is a simple, yet, rugged and reliable antenna matcher of classic design, which can be installed in seconds. The AT-1000 helps improve the selectivity of the receiver, which is particularly important for weak signals.
Effective over a wide frequency range, medium wave and shortwave 0.5 - 30Mhz.
Impedance matching for improved weak signal reception and maximum signal transfer
Improved front end selectivity.

Specifications :

  • 500Khz - 30Mhz in 8 switched bands.
  • Input and output impedance 5-600 Ohms.
  • Antennas : Longwires, Loop,Coax,Twin Feed.
  • Connectors : 2 x SO239 and 4 x wire terminals.

Very good used and working condition.
Some sticker residue on front panel, otherwise in very good cosmetic condition



Global AT-1000
Global AT-1000 Global AT-1000

Kenwood YK-455C-1 CW Filter

RARE Kenwood YK-455C-1  500hz  CW filter (455khz Center frequency ), in very good condition.
This is a plug in filter and may be used in the following Kenwood radios. TS-140S, 680S, 450S, 690S, 850S, 930S and 940S. May also be used in others.
This filter can really enhance your CW reception.
Just plug it in and it works!
Removed from my TS-850 SAT fully working.

  • Center Frequency: 455 kHz
  • Passband (-6dB): 500Hz
  • Attenuation bandwidth (-60dB: 820Hz
  • Guaranteed Attenuation: Better than 60 dB

I believe it is a Collins Mechanical filter




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