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Thurlby Thandar TG210

2MHz Function Generator

Modern 2 MHZ function generator in perfect working order.

Looks like it may have come from a school or college, and has some markings to the case used to identify it.

Uses standard "Kettle" type power lead.



  • 0.02Hz to 2MHz
  • Sine Square and Triangle wave form output
  • Symmetry control
  • Sweep function
  • 50 Ohm, and TTL/CMOS Output
  • DC Offset control
  • 20V P-P



Thurlby Thandar TG210

Thurlby Thandar TG210


Racal 9081

Synthesized Signal Generator

Signal generator designed for testing of radio communications equipment. Supplied in large numbers to the military, and built with no consideration to cost! Heavy instrument with large die-cast aluminum chassis

Single knob tuning, with channels steps, 5, 10, 20, 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, 15, 30, 60 kHz with vernier control.

This example is in very good condition, with very few marks and no damage to case. Looks relatively unused!

Plenty of documentation available on the web.



  • 5MHz to 520MHz in 5 overlapping ranges
  • +3dBm into 50 Ohm (min -130dBm 50R)
  • 10 channel step sizes
  • AM Modulation DC to 100kHz (external)
  • FM Deviation to 20Hz to 100kHz (external)
  • Phase Modulation 400Hz to 5kHz
  • 8 digit frequency display (actual output counter) to 10Hz
  • 9442 frequency standard (external input on rear)
  • output leveled +/- 0.7dB 5MHz to 520MHz




Racal Dana 9081

HP 3300A with 3301A Plug in

Dual output audio frequency function generator

Solid state Voltage Controlled Oscillator, with external frequency control (50:1) for sweep operation.

From late 60's, still performs to specification. Oval power socket has been replaced with IEC (kettle) socket, and the rear two plastic feet are missing. In very good overall condition with no significant marks. Some of the metalwork is a little tarnished with age though.

  • Sine, Square and Triangle outputs (any two selectable at one time)
  • 0.01Hz to 100KHz in seven ranges
  • Dial Accuracy +/- 1%
  • Ovened oscillator for temperature stability
  • Output 35V p-p (15V p-p into 600 Ohms and 2V p-p into 50 Ohms)
  • Floating outputs (240V)
  • Sync pulse output for connection to frequency counter or oscilloscope trigger
  • Rise time <250nS




HP 3300A

Racal-Dana 9083 Two Tone Signal Generator

Robust, typical Racal-Dana Military specification over engineered two tone signal Generator.
Used for checking SSB transmitters for linearity and spurious sidebands. Essential for testing linear amplifiers!

Tone A

    • 10Hz to 10kHz
    • Fine tune adjustment
    • Variable level to 12dB

Tone B

  • 100Hz to 100kHz
  • Variable level to 12cB

          Output selectable

  • A
  • B
  • A+B
  • 2 x A
  • 2 x B

Max 10V RMS output (300 ohms)
Balanced or unbalanced output
0-10dB attenuator in 1dB steps
Additional 1K ohm 100 mV rms monitor output

This signal generator is in fairly good condition, but the Tone A control is not original. Potentiometer inside has been replaced for non standard item, so scale is not calibrated.
This does not affect its function, but frequency measurement of Tone A would be required for accuracy.
This is in full working condition, and I have tested this to the best of my ability, other than tone A frequency control, it seems to perform to specification.



Racal 9083
Racal 9083Racal 9083
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